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Within the clay of the heart

It’s been a year of heart explorations. In far away places like China and also close to home working for the first time with clay.

All I could do at the beginning was to hold the clay, cupped in both hands. Holding it was my way of getting to know this new material. I took my time holding the clay between my hands. It felt like a quiet, peaceful meditation.  Clay  in my hands, I listened, stayed with not knowing what to do, and then it came. I knew what to do. The feeling the clay resting in my hands, following their contours in a heart shape, is what spoke to me, what made my heart smile.

This is my first heart creation.

Coeur Emeraude - Emerald Heart - K. Chaussabel

Others followed.

The heart is an ocean - K. Chaussabel

I enjoyed  scratching marks into the glazes. Those marks remind me of thread….

Finding the thread of the heart - K. Chaussabel

Seeing a space growing within the heart.

Expanding from within - K. Chaussabel

Getting a sense of “ag borradh”, a gaelic phrase that mean life about to break through.

Life coming forth - K. Chaussabel

“When the new plant breaks the surface of the ground, it is a gift of the hidden wisdom of the clay.” John O’Donohue – Eternal Echoes

Vibrant life emerging - K. Chaussabel

A journey, with wisdom of the clay, blessings for the heart, to be continued into the new year.