Art is Happening!

Art is Happening!

Sept. 7 through October 31 at The Bainbridge Island Library !

Join me for Art Walk , Friday, September 7 from 5 to 8PM – Art will be happening right there and then! I will bring some art supplies … and we will see what happens..!.!

Two of my pieces will be on show for this 2 months long group show of Bainbridge Artists. Part of art sale proceeds will be donated to the library  #supportyourlibrary #supportartists #supportartmaking

Art walk Invite Library 2018

Artwork by Karen Chaussabel – Harvest of the Heart XIX – Mixed media on watercolor paper – inks, threads

We have been invited to bring a something that shows our process for the display case at the entrance of the library and I brought a small sketchbook, plus ink! Often the inks bleed through to the next page, as you can see, and I just work in that impression into my new piece!  I could use heavy paper to blot the excess but choose not to to. It takes care of the blank page issue! And it’s part of my “going with the flow” attitude. 🙂

Library display Sept 2018

Small sketchbook and ink – Karen Chaussabel


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