Stillness. It found me.

It did not feel easy, nor comfortable at the time. It came out of anguish. And one day, it appeared in my work. It’s one of those doodling moment that had a lot to say…


There it was right in front of me. I saw something soft, calm in the image and it brought me comfort. I saw an air of serenity that reassured me, an air of contemplation that invited me in. It really felt like the only way to go, was to step in… and step in I did, and not for just a moment, but for a long while, a long long while. What I found is that it takes discipline to stay in. Stillness is where I find everything. And it’s not so comfortable to be face to face with fears, sorrow, hurt, whatever is. It takes courage to look at what is hard. It takes heart to acknowledge all that is discomfort. It draws me in further…


In its midst. I find yet another way in. Surrender. Surrender to what is. That, I am finding out also takes resilience. Lots.

Staying in stillness takes discipline and in that discipline I found the art of cultivating patience. I came across an article that spoke of patience as “an active state.” I completely agree. There is a lot happening in stillness, more than what meets the eye…
I find it’s place where being compassionate and tender towards myself is being supportive.


It’s the cradle where I can honor what is, release with kindness what no longer serves me.


Stillness, it’s a safe place to honor, cherish and release what is.


And in that journey, a transformation takes place.

An opening of the heart.


Making space. Making way for the new to step out.


Vibrant. Renewed.

Lighter. Open larger to life, in and out


Stillness. It’s the space for embracing all of what I am, for letting patience guide me gently. It’s the fertile ground for growth, for finding the blessings in the winter in my heart and soul. Stillness is the vessel from which new growth sprouts forth.

5 responses to “Stillness

  1. You are inspirational karen! Love this work.
    Thank you!

  2. Karen, thank you for sharing your beautiful words & images. The piece with the “dark bird” especially touches my heart. I MUST take your example & imbrace stillness & patience.

    • Thank you Connie for sharing your experience of my work. It means a lot to me to hear that my work, experiences touch others. You have patience and stillness in you, just let your fingers do some of their wonderful sewing magic to remind you. I miss seeing your creations, your creative energy.

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