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At home at the beach

It’s been sunny and warm these past 10 days and here in the NW it’s something one celebrates and embraces, wholeheartedly!

I went to the beach and took some sketching material with me.  I picked a very large log to sit on and take it all in, the sky, sea, marine air, scent of the roses, birds in the marsh singing.

It all felt very nurturing. And I felt I could settle in, and be. Be, with ease. Aware

Being gentle and finding heart shapes around me resonating with that gentleness in my own heart felt very supportive, heart warming, inspiring.

The words “unexpected beauty”  carried on in a very real way for me when I gazed down and saw a  rope nestled against a young rosebush stem and log.  It felt like the perfect spot to set my sketchbook in. It made me see my quick, in the moment, gestures, in a new light.  They are very much heart conversations. And seeing them cradled in this manner, made me feel a tenderness for those pieces.

The process of seeing my pieces cradled in this manner, presented in an impromptu ephemeral art show at the beach, made me appreciate my sense of creativity, my ability to make myself at home wherever I am. What a heart warming, soul tending moment this was and still is.

This experience certainly contributed to my sense of trusting and knowing that while the outer home is not clearly defined for me at the moment, the inner one is in the making. To be continued!