Following the thread

“Suivre le fil,” following the thread, is a French expression that means to find one’s path. It’s an expression with a lot of meaning for me.

Following the thread for me is about following my heart/art.  It’s about listening to what intrigues me, what peeks my curiosity and following up on that feeling and exploring. That’s exactly how I got started on making art 10 years ago. I saw a course description that spoke to me. It read “for those who want to try but never did and for those who did but want to try again.” This description sounded good, so I decided to sign up. Little did I know then, that taking this creativity course would take me on a journey well beyond that class…!

And interestingly enough, thread became a companion on that journey. I followed and used it in my various explorations

It started to appear with collages, as another way to make a mark.


Ink, thread - K. Chaussabel

Thread, paper - K. Chaussabel

The thread made its way into encaustic as well

Encaustic, thread, on paper K. Chaussabel

Encaustic, thread, ink, on paper - K. Chaussabel

The gift of a sewing machine allowed me to explore the use of thread in a yet different manner. I use it in a deliberately random manner, though the results are nothing but random….  I call them wild mind stitching.

Stitching my heart out - K. Chaussabel

Stitching my heart out - K. Chaussabel

Stitching my heart out - K. Chaussabel

The thread showed up when I explored other media, like glass and ceramic.

Fused glass with copper threads - K. Chaussabel

Fused glass, copper wire - K. Chaussabel

Fused glass, copper wire - K. Chaussabel

Raku with cheese cloth impression - K. Chaussabel

Following the thread, following the path of heart.

wire, bark - K. Chaussabel

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