Into the human realm

One of my very important starting point for my creative process is to be open. I keep myself open to possibilities. I try to be open to my surroundings and to what touches me. More often than not I am tuning in to nature and that’s reflected in my work. Earlier this year I turned my attention to the human realm when the Haiti earthquake struck. I let the devastation in and a serie emerged. It’s called “Departing Souls.”  It feels like a commemoration, bearing witness to lives lost. It feels like a process of honoring souls that are passing on.

Destruction – an unrecognizable landscape – a world that does not make sense to the survivors and witnesses

Departing Souls serie

Departing Souls serie

A world of great fear (“peur bleue” in French, literally “blue fear”)

Departing Souls serie

A world of suffering and pleas for help.

Departing souls serie

A world of countless lives lost.

Departing Souls serie

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